Illuminate and Shine

There are variety of Portable Work Lights in the market today, some of which are cheap as others are expensive. Most of them are made to withstand daily rigorous use. Some are equipped with waterproof coating and a high impact-resistant glass lenses. Basically, work lights may come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit different requirements of consumers. They are also of different bulbs such as recessed and standard bulbs. These differences are what attribute to price variation. There are some of featured best lights in 2018. From these, you can get your choice to suit your need.

1) Designers Edge 1000-Watt Work Light (L14SLED)

It features a portable sled base and tripod base. The model features adjustable legs, so it can be extended to ensure a customizable result. It has a peculiar heavy-duty handle with a comfort grip to enable easy transportation for long hours without tiring your arms. Ideally, device is backed by a 2-year warranty that protects against any originality defects. It is very easy to use and also waterproof.

2) Woods 0166 300-Watt SJTW Clamp Lamp

This is a versatile clamp lamp. It is suitable for warming chicks, pigs and other farm animals. It is ideal for use in the workshop and garage. It comes equipped with an adjustable reflector and bulb protector that improves the bulbs longevity. The unit also accepts bulbs of up to 300 watts, which means that you are going to find it handy for providing adequate light in the room. It also has a 6’ cord that focuses light in areas needed and a built-in hook hanger that ensures convenient hanging. Its other features include a sleek design and non-marring clamp grips.

3) CAT LED Work Light (324122)

CAT LED Work Lights is designed for both indoor and outdoor use to aid in superior versatility. The lithium-ion battery and charger will allow you to use the work light immediately upon arrival. It is rechargeable to make sure you are illuminated all the time.

4) Milwaukee M18 LED Worklight (2735)

It has a 160 lumen LED that enables it to shine the space in a very bright white light. It is an intelligently designed model, easy to use and greatly durable. This work light also features a shock-resistant handle, sealed aluminum head. In addition, it is equipped with an integrated hook that can offer you a hands-free performance. It is less expensive but gives superb results.

You don’t have to stay in the dark with the existing number and variety of available portable work lights. Choose a one that suits your needs, illuminate and shine!!